Christmas Gift Ideas Now

Christmas Gift Ideas NowDuring every holiday season, something happens once or twice that means we need Christmas gift ideas now. As in immediately.

This year, I was wondering how to handle a similar circumstance. Then, it occurred to me. What about downloadable Christmas gifts? These days, you can find a digital Christmas present that will be thoughtful and quick.

So I decided to make a list of gifts that will  apply to most people I know. When needed, I’ll just look over the list, pick out the right present and either e-mail it to the person or burn it on a CD or copy it on a jump drive (flash drive, thumb drive or whatever you call it) for them.

Here are my favorite downloadable Christmas presents if you need Christmas gift ideas now.

There are thousands and thousands of people who took piano lessons when they were a kid, then quit and regretted it. Perhaps you’ve heard one of your friends talk about that situation in their life. Now you can give them a second opportunity. Check this out.

Christmas Gift For MusiciansAnd if you know someone who talks about learning to play the guitar, here you go.

If you know someone who loves to cook, don’t you know that they’d love to be able to try their hand at some famous restaurant recipes. This will do it for them.

Know any students who’d love to learn how to study faster with better results. They will love this.

I expect you’ve got more than few friends who are fitness freaks. This might be fit perfectly into their workout routine.

Many people are just discovering the wellness benefits of yoga. You might know someone who would benefit from this program.

As the economy has tanked, more and more people are in “do-it-yourself” mode. That means bunches of people would love to have this DIY information.

A lot of folks have found out that they feel a lot better when they eat organic food. This teaches them how to grow their own.

Speaking Spanish is turning into a marketable skill these days. Here’s a simple way to learn the language.

You probably know more than one person who would love to manage their time better. This is the help they need.

Every golfer wants a more powerful, consistent, accurate swing. Here’s how they can find it.

These presents will work for those time I inadvertently left someone off the Christmas list. Or maybe someone gives me a Christmas present that I wasn’t expecting, and I want to return the thoughtfulness. For whatever reason, at least a couple of times during the holidays, I’m going to need a last minute Christmas gift.

Now I know that I could buy several “catch-all” presents ahead of time for these situations. You know the situation, when you’re out Christmas shopping and pick up several generic gifts just in case. But I really hate to do that because the person almost always realizes what you’re doing despite your best efforts to act like you had planned to give them something all along.

Several years ago, my family and I ran into that exact situation. We had bought some presents for families who meant a lot to us. Nothing fancy. Just something to let them know we cared.

At one home, the man of the house looked happy, but surprised to see us. We had planned to simply give him the gift and say, “Merry Christmas,” but he insisted we come inside.

Once we stepped inside, he called his wife to tell her we were there. After we talking to her, he excused himself and went to another room. In a few minutes, he came back with a small, wrapped package and said, “This is for you.”

I don’t remember what the present was, but we appreciated the sentiment. It was nice of him to reciprocate.

Hopefully, you won’t be in that situation. And you better hope that you do not need these ideas if you’re a husband who’s wondering what to buy my wife for Christmas.

Or if you’re a wife who is trying to decide what to buy my husband for Christmas.

Or if you are a boyfriend thinking about what to get my girlfriend for Christmas.

Or even if you’re a girlfriend having a hard time deciding what to get your boyfriend for Christmas.

But otherwise, even though this isn’t an exhaustive list, it’s sure to get you thinking the next time you need Christmas gift ideas now.

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2 Responses to Christmas Gift Ideas Now

  1. Aaron says:

    Exhaustive list, thanks! I´m especially fond of the piano lessons idea, I know a couple of people for whom that might be just perfect – it´s useful and thoughtful. Now I´m off to explore the “what to get your girlfriend” section, hope to get some great tips in there too 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Glad you liked the information. And I know there are many people who would love to learn how to play the piano or another instrument.

      I hope you find just the right present for your girlfriend!

      Best wishes. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!


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