Personalized Santa Claus Letter

Personalized Santa Claus LetterWhat kid wouldn’t love to have a personalized Santa Claus letter? It would be one of the happiest moments of their young life and remain as one of the most meaningful memories of their childhood.

I remember coming home from my cousins’ house on Christmas Eve when I was about eight years old. As I walked from the car to the front door, I looked up on the roof and smiled knowing that Santa Claus and his reindeer would be landing there in a few short hours. I could imagine Rudolph and the other reindeer landing with the sleigh full of toys. We didn’t have a chimney, but I knew that Santa would find a way into our house, where he’d find our stockings, the Christmas tree and lots of other holiday decorations.

Looking back, that was a joyful moment in my life. I was happy at just the thought that a jolly old man who lived at the North Pole with all his elves was going to give me and all the other kids in the world Christmas presents.

I expect that most people have memories like that one. Every kid deserves to have a time in their life when they feel pure, innocent joy. And it seems that Christmas and Santa Claus bring about that experience universally.

Many non-profit groups or other organizations offer an opportunity for kids to receive a personalized Santa Claus letter. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or similar organization to find out.

I can only imagine how a young boy or girl will feel when they get just such a letter from Santa. After all, nearly every child writes a letter to Santa. Doesn’t it make sense that he would write back, and they’d get a letter from Santa?

I often hear people talk about their concern for kids these days. Many are worried about raising children in today’s world. Others have a rather pessimistic view of young people in general.

Many people who raise those concerns do not know what to do about it. I don’t have all the answers, but I know we can all start by trying to make our part of the world a better place. Isn’t the holidays a great time to start? And isn’t making children happy a great first step?

We all get consumed during the Christmas season with how to find the best Christmas presents for everyone on our holiday list. Let’s be sure we remember how great is was to be a kid and then do what we can to help young people experience that today, too.

I know a personalized Santa Claus letter isn’t going to bring about world peace, but I feel certain that it will help bring joy to the heart of most every little girl and little boy.

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How to Find the Best Christmas Presents

How to Find the Best Christmas PresentsAs the holidays draw near, everyone wants to know how to find the best Christmas presents. Many end up rushing around at the last minute, and end up picking Christmas gifts that are, let’s just say, less than ideal.

The best way to be sure you find the perfect Christmas presents for the folks on your Christmas list is to plan ahead. When you start seeing holiday decorations go up, start thinking about your Christmas shopping strategy. Decide what you’re going to do, then do it.

There are several ways to be sure you get something for everyone on your list.

First, you could shop store-by-store. This is often done by going to a city that has numerous stores close together.

You might start by going to a mall. You work your way from one end to the another, and back again, going in every retail store that you think might have something for somebody for whom you are shopping.

If this is going to be your shopping strategy, it’s best to first list potential stores for the people on your list. If you know someone who likes sports, you might want to note where the sporting goods stores are located. If you want to buy a necklace for somebody, make sure you know the locations of the jewelry stores.

Of course, you’ll probably also visit several of the so-called “big box” retailers and smaller stores along the way.

The store-by-store strategy can be effective and efficient. But it can also be extremely tiring and you might end up buying something for someone at one store, only to see something you would prefer to give them at another store. That might require you to return the first item, which would take time.

A second shopping strategy is to buy your Christmas gifts person-by-person.

The plan is pretty simple. You take out your list. Start at the top. Find something for that person, and don’t go to the next until you’ve found something for the first.

This makes it more likely that you will find presents you like, but it can be time-consuming because you often have to go back to stores that you have already visited.

A third strategy is to shop by the types of presents you need.

The best way to accomplish this is by grouping people on your Christmas list into categories depending on the types of present you plan to buy for them. Then you go to various stores, shops or outlets depending on the kinds of gifts you are seeking.

So, when you are at a music store, you can look for presents for all the people you know who like music. When you are at a clothing store, you find presents for the ones who want or need clothes.

When you’re thinking about how to find the best Christmas presents, you need to give some consideration to which strategy fits your situation.

Even better, a variation of each strategy can be carried out when you’re searching for online Christmas shopping deals. This can work to your advantage because you can accomplish each in a much shorter amount of time.

So, you can search for the best Christmas presents website by website. Find a site that has a variety of gift options and see how many presents you can find for the people on your list.

Or you can search online for a present for each person, one at a time. Think about what you want to buy the first person on your list and search for that present.

Or you can find the best Christmas gifts by dividing those on your list in categories depending on the types of presents you want to buy them. Then, search for websites that have those types of gifts.

Most likely one of these strategies will help you discover how to find the best Christmas presents for your friends and family. In fact, you will probably end up using a variation of all or some of the methods in your Christmas shopping.

The most important factor is to put some thought into each gift. Don’t be so hurried that you just buy something because you know you have to have a present for that particular person. Think of what that person would like to have. What would make him or her happy? What would it take to see a face full of joy when they unwrap your present?

In the end, how to find the best Christmas presents begins with knowing and caring about the people who will get the gifts.


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What to Buy Dad for Christmas

What To Buy Dad For ChristmasNearly all sons and daughters (especially sons) struggle at some point to figure out what to buy dad for Christmas. When the holidays roll around each year, they want to get their old man something that will make his day, his month and maybe even his year, but they don’t know what gift will make that happen.

You don’t want to settle for something like a tie or a pen or a set of cuff links. You want a present that will make him happy. Something that will excite him. Something that will make him remember this Christmas for a long, long time. One of these presents could do exactly that.

Is your dad always talking about the “good old days”? Does he tell stories about how he used to walk to school in the snow when he was kid? Does he have fond memories of his younger days?

What if you could get him a Christmas present that takes him back to those times. Now you can with Cool Retro Gifts from Retro Planet.

Is your dad the kind of person who likes to experience life to the fullest? Does he like adventure? Are there things that he wants to do, but just hasn’t had the opportunity yet?

This year, you can surprise him with an experience gift! He will have his choice of more than 1,700 unique experiences — from race car driving and hot air balloon rides to spa experiences and food and wine tours. He is sure to find an experience he will love.

Take a look at these Top Christmas Experience Gifts.

Is your father a big sports fan? Does he love to watch his favorite team play?

If so, you can find the perfect present for him among the Best Sellers!.

If dad is a golfer, take a look at the hottest products from Edwin Watts Golf.

Perhaps your father is a musician. Or maybe he’s always dreamed of being a musician. You can make those dreams come true with a Christmas present from

If none of those gifts is a perfect fit for you father, check out the list of other present ideas on the left side of this page.

Once you’ve picked out a great gift for your dad, you can start thinking about what to buy mom for Christmas.

Of course, you also be thinking about what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, or for you guys out there you may be thinking about what to get my girlfriend for Christmas.

Buying a Christmas gift for your father is not always the easiest task. In fact, sometimes, it can be downright difficult. It can bother you so much that the issue comes to mind quicker than the lights on the Christmas tree blink. You’ll be thinking about it every time you see the holiday decorations, every time someone wishes you a “Merry Christmas” and every time you hear someone singing Christmas carols.

But if you’ll think about what your father would like to have, you can find a present that will make this a great holiday season. Once you know what to buy dad for Christmas you will stay excited until he opens his gift on Christmas morning.

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What to Buy Mom for Christmas

What To Buy Mom For ChristmasOne of the top questions on the mind of every son and daughter during the holidays is what to buy Mom for Christmas. Their mothers have meant so much to them that they want to be sure and get just the right Christmas gift.

The holiday season is especially meaningful for families. They often gather around the Christmas tree to exchange presents. Some will eat a wonderful holiday meal together before giving gifts to each other.

This year, there are several wonderful Christmas gifts that will have mom beaming as bright as the star on the top of tree. They are all unique Christmas presents that just might be perfect for your mom.

Wouldn’t your mother love to have a beautiful piece of jewelry that would remind her of her son or daughter every time she wore it? Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful if it was hand-crafted by an artisan from an exotic land?

Or perhaps she’d like a hand-made decor piece that demonstrates the warmth of her home? Or a sculpture or vase that represents the familial bond you share?

You can find handmade jewelry, home décor, and more at

How would your mother like to have a favorite family photo made into a work of art? Imagine how she’d feel hanging something that dear to her heart in a place where she could show it off.

Here’s your chance. We’ll Take it From Here All of our prints are gallery wrapped. Don’t forget, you get 40% off any size or a free 8×10!

Sometimes love is like a box of chocolates, especially if its some of the most magnificent luxury chocolates in the world.

You’ll find the finest gourmet chocolates at

These are among the top Christmas gifts 2011 has going. Any of them could make this holiday season even more special for your family.

Mothers would never ask for the top Christmas presents 2011 or any other year has produced. They’re happy just to have a special connection to their children. If you’ll keep that bond in mind, what to buy mom for Christmas will come easy to you this holiday season.

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Christmas Gift Ideas Now

Christmas Gift Ideas NowDuring every holiday season, something happens once or twice that means we need Christmas gift ideas now. As in immediately.

This year, I was wondering how to handle a similar circumstance. Then, it occurred to me. What about downloadable Christmas gifts? These days, you can find a digital Christmas present that will be thoughtful and quick.

So I decided to make a list of gifts that will  apply to most people I know. When needed, I’ll just look over the list, pick out the right present and either e-mail it to the person or burn it on a CD or copy it on a jump drive (flash drive, thumb drive or whatever you call it) for them.

Here are my favorite downloadable Christmas presents if you need Christmas gift ideas now.

There are thousands and thousands of people who took piano lessons when they were a kid, then quit and regretted it. Perhaps you’ve heard one of your friends talk about that situation in their life. Now you can give them a second opportunity. Check this out.

Christmas Gift For MusiciansAnd if you know someone who talks about learning to play the guitar, here you go.

If you know someone who loves to cook, don’t you know that they’d love to be able to try their hand at some famous restaurant recipes. This will do it for them.

Know any students who’d love to learn how to study faster with better results. They will love this.

I expect you’ve got more than few friends who are fitness freaks. This might be fit perfectly into their workout routine.

Many people are just discovering the wellness benefits of yoga. You might know someone who would benefit from this program.

As the economy has tanked, more and more people are in “do-it-yourself” mode. That means bunches of people would love to have this DIY information.

A lot of folks have found out that they feel a lot better when they eat organic food. This teaches them how to grow their own.

Speaking Spanish is turning into a marketable skill these days. Here’s a simple way to learn the language.

You probably know more than one person who would love to manage their time better. This is the help they need.

Every golfer wants a more powerful, consistent, accurate swing. Here’s how they can find it.

These presents will work for those time I inadvertently left someone off the Christmas list. Or maybe someone gives me a Christmas present that I wasn’t expecting, and I want to return the thoughtfulness. For whatever reason, at least a couple of times during the holidays, I’m going to need a last minute Christmas gift.

Now I know that I could buy several “catch-all” presents ahead of time for these situations. You know the situation, when you’re out Christmas shopping and pick up several generic gifts just in case. But I really hate to do that because the person almost always realizes what you’re doing despite your best efforts to act like you had planned to give them something all along.

Several years ago, my family and I ran into that exact situation. We had bought some presents for families who meant a lot to us. Nothing fancy. Just something to let them know we cared.

At one home, the man of the house looked happy, but surprised to see us. We had planned to simply give him the gift and say, “Merry Christmas,” but he insisted we come inside.

Once we stepped inside, he called his wife to tell her we were there. After we talking to her, he excused himself and went to another room. In a few minutes, he came back with a small, wrapped package and said, “This is for you.”

I don’t remember what the present was, but we appreciated the sentiment. It was nice of him to reciprocate.

Hopefully, you won’t be in that situation. And you better hope that you do not need these ideas if you’re a husband who’s wondering what to buy my wife for Christmas.

Or if you’re a wife who is trying to decide what to buy my husband for Christmas.

Or if you are a boyfriend thinking about what to get my girlfriend for Christmas.

Or even if you’re a girlfriend having a hard time deciding what to get your boyfriend for Christmas.

But otherwise, even though this isn’t an exhaustive list, it’s sure to get you thinking the next time you need Christmas gift ideas now.

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What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas

What To Get Your Boyfriend For ChristmasHave you been trying to decide what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? You’re not alone.

In any relationship, gifts can often take on a special significance. The meaning usually becomes even more heightened during the holiday season.

When you and your boyfriend are exchanging Christmas presents, you will want to be giddy with excitement as you wait for him to open your gift.

Think about it. You are both sitting by the Christmas tree. The ornaments look wonderful. The holiday lights are twinkling all around. You haven’t been this excited since you waited for Santa Claus and his reindeer on Christmas eve years ago.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if your gift was so great that it left him so speechless that all he can do is kiss you? No mistletoe needed.

If your boyfriend is a sports fan, one present that will undoubtedly bring about that reaction is a ball or another piece of sports equipment that is signed by his favorite player. Anything that connects him to his team will be one of the top Christmas presents of all time for him.

You might want to start your hunt for the perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend by checking out the Best Sellers.

Whether your boyfriend is a baseball fan, a basketball nut, a football freak or an overall sports fanatic, you’ll find just the right present for him.

If your boyfriend is a musician, you’ll want to find a gift that hits just the right note.

If he’s in a band, whether he’s the lead singer, the bass player, the guitar player or the drummer, you’ll find The Best Gear and the Best Deals at

Or maybe your boyfriend would like something that signifies your relationship. What if you could give him something that he’ll treasure forever?

Consider having a favorite photo of the two of you put onto canvas. It will bring an artistic beauty to your relationship in a way that he’ll never forget. He will think of you whenever he sees it.

Upload your photo and get it printed on canvas.

One of these presents could be one of the best Christmas gifts your boyfriend has ever received. It will be even more special because it comes from you.

So as your considering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, these are a few excellent possibilities for you to consider. He’ll love that you cared enough to search for the perfect Christmas present.

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What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas

What To Get My Girlfriend For ChristmasThe question of what to get my girlfriend for Christmas can be one of the most puzzling issues of the holiday season for any young man. The secret of course is finding a perfect gift that makes your girlfriend know how much you care about her. It is even better if its one of the most unique Christmas presents she has ever received.

The holidays are always especially memorable for boyfriends and girlfriends. You feel added affection for your girl when the two of you are holding hands and looking at holiday decorations, watching your favorite Christmas movie or listening to beautiful songs of the season. Perhaps you’ll even help her family hang the ornaments on their Christmas tree and or put up decorations and lights around and on their house.

But the really special moment will come when she opens the wrapping on your gift. That’s why you want to get her the perfect present.

Of course, one of the most important issues is being sure that she likes what you get her. So don’t take a chance. Check out all the New Styles @

One of the best answers to the “what to get my girlfriend for Christmas” dilemma is jewelry. Nearly every girl likes jewelry, and with a little effort you can find the perfect present for your girlfriend.

Of course, you know that your girl deserves more than just your average, everyday jewelry. You want to get her something worthy of her beauty. That’s why we suggest handcrafted jewelry from the finest artisans on earth. You can find earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings for nearly any budget at

This type of present will mean more than just some earrings or a bracelet that you picked up down at the mall on your way home one day. Your girlfriend will know that you put some thought into finding a great gift for her.

What’s more, you’ll have numerous options to find just the right Christmas gift for your girlfriend. If you check with her mom or some of her friends you can probably even find the kind of jewelry that she likes the most.

Suppose you discover that your girlfriend loves turquoise. Then you can look for unique turquoise jewelry.

What if she loves pearls? After all, nearly every beautiful woman adores beautiful pearls. That’s not a problem. You can find exquisite pearl jewelry as well.

Of course, there are other options, too.

Check out the beautiful amethyst jewelry.

Take a look at wonderful garnet jewelry.

Maybe you also want to buy something to go along with her beautiful jewelry. Or perhaps you decide that she would prefer something other than jewelry. Here are a few options.

Your girl will fall in love with a beautiful artisan made handbags.

Would your girlfriend appreciate an environmentally friendly Christmas present? A green gift will be perfect. Take a look at some eco-friendly presents.

If you’re really brave, you might even want to buy your girlfriend handmade and unique clothing and accessories from around the world.

Once you’ve found the perfect present for your girl, you might even be able to help your father who may be wondering, “What to buy my wife for Christmas.” In fact, all of your family members are probably trying to find the top Christmas gifts.

Shopping for a girlfriend is not easy, but if you commit to finding a present that represents your relationship, you can make this holiday season a time that neither of you will ever forget. The answer to “what to get my girlfriend for Christmas” can bring the two of you even closer.

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What to Buy my Husband for Christmas

What to Buy my Husband for Christmas

This is not the look you want from your husband on Christmas morning.

If you’re like every other wife in the world, long before the holiday season gets in full swing, you’ve said to yourself, “I need to decide what to buy my husband for Christmas.” You want the man in your life to smile brighter than the lights on the the tree when he unwraps your present on Christmas morning.

Here are three suggestions. One of them might be the perfect Christmas gift for your husband. Imagine giving him a gift so wonderful that you’ll want to give it to him on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Gifts for Husbands who are Thrill Seekers

Some men love adventure. Maybe your man is a hard core adrenalin junkie who’s been known to dangle off the face of a cliff. Or perhaps he’d rather be racing down the mountain on a bike. Or both.

The good news is now you can buy him a Christmas present that will quench his thirst for the exciting life. It’s called an “experience gift,” and some of them are the experience of a lifetime.

Among the more popular experience gifts for thrill seekers are Race Car Driving Experiences.

Your husband could ride in a race car or drive a dragster. He could even go to a racing school.

But the experience gifts don’t end there. There’s whitewater rafting, scuba diving, fishing and even golf lessons with a PGA professional.

There are even presents that you and he could experience together. Check out the Top Christmas Experience Gifts.

Christmas Gifts for Husbands who are Sports Fanatics

Maybe your husband is one of the gazillion sports nuts in the world. What would he think if you bought him something signed by a player on his favorite team?

Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball or another sports, he’ll cherish that gift as long as he lives. You might have to do a little investigative work to find his favorite players, but the effort will be worth it when he sees your gift.

You’re sure to find it among the Best Sellers!

Christmas Gifts for Husbands with Man Caves

Does your man have a man room? We’ve found the perfect place to find tin signs, vintage posters, clocks, thermometers and even neon signs.

You’ll find all the cool Retro Gifts at Retro Planet.

Christmas Gifts for Husbands with the Music Still in Them

Does your man still dream of being a rock star? Maybe he’s even in a band. If he’s musically inclined or even if he wants to try his hand at an instrument, why not make his dreams come true this Christmas?

You’ll find the The Best Gear and the Best Deals at

These unique Christmas presents will make your man happier than a kid who got a visit from Old St. Nick. One of this will certainly make you say, “Now I know what to buy my husband for Christmas.” Unfortunately, he’s probably still saying, “I don’t know what to buy my wife for Christmas.” You may have to drop a hint or two. Perhaps you should point him toward this link and see what he gets you.


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What to Buy my Wife for Christmas

What To Buy My Wife For ChristmasWhen the holidays arrive, you better believe that every husband on the planet has one thought on his mind — what to buy my wife for Christmas. Each one wants the woman he loves to find the perfect present under the tree. He wants her to kiss him over and over and over again with or without the mistletoe.

Finding the best Christmas present is never easy. You can never quite get into the holiday spirit until you know you have a great gift for that special woman in your life. But once you’ve found it, the Christmas lights shine brighter, the ornaments look more beautiful and the Christmas carols sound a bit sweeter. Even the ho ho ho’s from old Santa Claus seem to have an extra special Merry Christmas ring to them.

Here are some suggestions that will have your holiday shopping taking off like Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer.

If your wife loves jewelry, why not find her a gift that is as unique as the love you share. Artisan handcrafted jewelry will take her breath away when she unwraps your gift on Christmas morning.

Take a minute and check out the handmade jewelry, Home Décor, and more at You’ll find exquisite designs from pearl, turquoise, silver and more that are some of the most unique Christmas presents available.

Or perhaps your lovely wife would like nothing better than a romantic dinner with her husband. Imagine having a personal chef prepare the perfect meal as you rekindle the affection you share.

Or maybe your wife needs some pampering from a spa. She’ll never forget relaxing with a deep tissue massage or a European facial.

She might even like an art class or dancing lessons.

Check out all these and more Unique Gift Ideas.

Does your wife have a special photograph that captured a memorable moment in her life? What if you could turn that photo into a work of art? Imagine having that image preserved on canvas.

Go Here to learn more.

And if your wife is a chocolate lover, why not treat her to luxury chocolate that will make the holidays even sweeter.

You’ll find that is sure to please.

So if you’re one of those husbands who is saying to himself, “I don’t know what to buy my wife for Christmas,” stay calm and commit to giving her something memorable. Think of how much you love her, then find her something worthy of that love.

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Top Christmas Gifts 2011

Looking for Top Christmas Gifts? 2011 Looks Like a Great Year

Top Christmas Gifts 2011Among the yearly lists of top Christmas gifts, 2011 appears to be a winner. There is a wide range of irresistible, unusual and unique Christmas presents available that are ideal for the festive holiday season.

Here are some of the best Christmas presents available this year. While this is not an exhaustive list, these presents are sure to bring smiles of happiness when they are unwrapped. The recipients will have faces as bright as the most festive Christmas lights and decorations. They couldn’t be any happier if Santa Claus and his elves delivered them on Christmas Eve.

And keep in mind that in the hunt for the best Black Friday deals 2011 might set a record.

Top Christmas Gifts 2011 for Chocolate Lovers

Let’s face it, to many people, chocolate is the greatest substance on the face of the earth. They’d like nothing better than to find the sweet treat in their Christmas stockings or under their tree.

So why not make this holiday extra special for the chocolate lovers in your life? Wouldn’t they love to have some of the most extraordinary chocolate in the world?

Imagine how they’d feel if they received chocolate made by the greatest chocolate-makers anywhere. Their taste buds will be ecstatic when they sense perfection that comes from natural ingredients in the best blends.

You’ll find just such perfection at

Top Christmas Gifts 2011 that are a Blast from the Past

Everyone gets a little nostalgic every once in a while. It’s a great feeling when you see something that brings to mind a great memory or a wonderful time in your life. What if you could give someone a Christmas present that brought those kind of feelings.

Retro gifts can take you back to the days when living was easy and life was fun. No matter how old the recipient is, there’s something in his or her past that will bring a smile.

Now you have access to the biggest collection of vintage signs, memorabilia and collectibles that recapture the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. These Retro Gifts from Retro Planet will look great in any home or business.

Top Christmas Gifts 2011 for Sports Fans

How many sports nuts are on your Christmas list this year? Chances are there are more than a few of them.

More and more people are going crazy about some professional or college team these days. And you can bet that they’d love to get a present that has been signed by their favorite player or something that lets them show their devotion to their team.

You’re sure to find such a gift among these Best Sellers!

These are some of the top Christmas gifts 2011 has to offer. So if you’re looking for top Christmas presents 2011 is the year you make the holiday season a time to remember.

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